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Insurance Fraud and Worker Compensation - Our agents are dedicated and highly experienced in determining both legitimate and illegitimate claims. We have state of the art equipment to assist in conducting observations, surveillance, searches and inquiries to determine all the true facts of the claim.

Public Liability - Injured parties usually sue the respondent under common law based on negligence and damages. If it can be shown that the owner or occupier was responsible for the injury or damages and they have breached their duty of care then the claim is usually successful. An investigation into the claim by our investigators using a range of techniques can help determine a successful or unsuccessful claim.

Motor Vehicle theft - Motor Vehicle theft - In this day and age Motor Vehicle theft is fast becoming a popular choice for insurance fraud. Our investigators are highly experience in a range of different techniques to determine the merits of the claimants claim.

Travel Insurance - Travel insurance claims are an easy option for claimants and usually a claimant will exacerbate their claim dramatically to try to recover monies spent on a holiday. A thorough factual investigation into their alleged incident while on holiday will help establish whether a claim is legitimate.

Trademark Investigations - Counterfeiting of brand names, copying of patent and designs, and designs and logo simulating well known brand is a flourishing market these days. We can use discreet surveillance, wireless technology and expert techniques to perform a thorough investigation.

We can detect all types of listening devices, hidden cameras, laser and infrared devices, optical devices, digital burst/packet devices and GPS tracker devices whether it be in your home, office, vehicle or phone system. If you ever get the feeling that someone is watching or listening to you or you have private information that you would like to keep exactly that: private, then we can help. With years of experience and up to date knowledge and also using the latest technology, equipment and software to detect bugs we will put your mind at ease once and for all.

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