Track And Trace Investigations - Commercial Services

Surveillance - The actions of investigative targets are surreptitiously monitored and may be recorded and subsequently presented to the client for review, analysis and possible further disposition. Services specialize in covert information and evidence gathering techniques including video and or photo surveillance. This can be conducted at any location either directly on-site or from a distance.

Tracing Services - To assist individuals, solicitors, financial institutions and other business concerns with due diligence, locating delinquent debtors, finding their chatteled property, finding missing heirs or other persons and property that must be located, relating to a family, legal or business matter.

We can detect all types of listening devices, hidden cameras, laser and infrared devices, optical devices, digital burst/packet devices and GPS tracker devices whether it be in your home, office, vehicle or phone system. If you ever get the feeling that someone is watching or listening to you or you have private information that you would like to keep exactly that: private, then we can help. With years of experience and up to date knowledge and also using the latest technology, equipment and software to detect bugs we will put your mind at ease once and for all.

We also specialise in:
Hidden Camera Surveillance
Loss Prevention
Employee Activity

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